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Tempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers, #1) - J. Lynn 3.5 stars
Cowgirl Up and Ride  - Lorelei James 4.5 stars

This is my favourite so far. I loved AJ and Cord. Being Lorelei James,lots of hot sex!! Lots!!! But this one I found to have more story to it. Both with AJ and Cord, and also about of other family members. I did tear up at a point. I loved that these two have known each other their whole lives, but Cord has just noticed how "grown up" AJ is. They are both so similar in so many ways, having the family, ranch responsibilities, putting others first all the time. But the they also brought out each others lighter side. They are so good together. And they are one hot kinky couple!! I really did enjoy this read :-))
Taking a Shot - Jaci Burton
Am loving this series. And this one didn't disappoint. In Taking a Shot we got Jenna (Mick and Gavin's sister) and Ty's story. Jenna, well i love hearing the sister story in family series, even though her stubbornness annoyed me, i loved it at the same time. Ty, well i wanna go watch me an ice hockey game and find me a Ty. He was so sweet and so hot! Did i mention he's hot?!?! I loved it. They both had a great background story of what was stopping them moving forward and for me when Jenna got to her big moment of realisation, I actually even got teary! It's hot steamy erotic romantic! Just how I like it.
I'm really loving my sports romance at the moment.... Time for book 4!
Strip Search - Shayla Black, Shelley Bradley HOT! Love Shayla blacks erotic suspense. This was 2nd in the sexy capers series (Bound & Determined #1).

Mark and Nikki were great strong characters. Both had issues to get past but couldn't stay away from each other. I loved the emotional and physical pull between them both, sucked me right in. Of course I was loving the romance and also wanting to shake them both to wake up and get their shit together!!!
It had suspense, great twists that had me surprised, some laughs, (yes I did tear up), and of course hot steamy sex scenes. HOT!!!
The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionare, #3) - Jennifer Probst 4.5 stars
The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire, #2) - Jennifer Probst 4.5 stars
The Marriage Bargain  - Jennifer Probst 4.5 stars
Nauti Intentions - Lora Leigh Lora Leigh's alpha males are definately my guilty pleasure!

Now this is my favourite of the series. As always i love when we get to the sister story and Janey is amazing. She is so strong and independent. But has always lived with her fathers issues and what people have perceived her to be because of his actions. Now, Major Alex Jansen, ooohhhhh i love him. He is the towns hero, in all areas. Everyone loves him. After Alex helped to save Janey, then disappeared back to war, he is back, and tries to look out for her. After threats made against her he moves in to protect her and catch who it is. of course, the passion heats up, the bickering, keeping it all secret. Family dramas. Janey loves him, Alex doesn't "do love". He's seen it rip apart people and won't let that happen. Janey needs "love" as shes never had it and shouldn't settle for anything less.
Together these 2 are one smoking hot couple.
They have their issues, age differences, always wanted one another and the bickering.
I loved the suspense in this, the hot sex, we still get updates and rest of the MacKay family in here too. And gain, HOT!!!
Alex Jansen you can come get me anytime!